Alex Wing

Artist behind the givealexahand username and other projects. Professional illustrator for hire.

A simple gallery for viewing my art, updated when I have new things to show off. If you wish to hire me for your project, please check out my prices below.

About The Artist

I am an Ohio-based generalist with interests in the intersection between graphic design and illustration, and have been working with art professionally since 2012. I have a passion in the way that video games interface with the player, including how accessibility can coexist with beauty, striking a balance between aesthetics and utility.

Experience and Skills

Graphic Design

  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver, as well as Clip Studio Paint.

  • Associate's Degree in Graphic Design from ITT Tech

  • General website design via things such as Carrd/Squarespace

  • Illustrative logo design

Set Dressing and 3D

  • Extensive play of games that encourage this, such as housing and level design type games; Animal Crossing, FFXIV, Minecraft

  • Knowledge of 3D object placement and manipulation, learned in 3DS Max but applied in Blender and Clip Studio Paint

  • Access to VR modeling and a computer built for GPU intensive projects such as modeling and rendering

Generalist skills

  • Accessibility testing, well versed in accommodating various disabilities, such as those that need different physical inputs, Deaf/HoH, or color blindness

  • Basic typesetting and font creation skills

  • Basics of 3D modeling and rigging

  • Willingness to adapt and learn new programs, and teach what I know

  • Cooperative work ethic, good at receiving and giving constructive critique.